Socially Responsible Business Practices & the Environment

At Medisol, we place great value on developments in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and take measures to enable us to create as small an environmental burden as possible.

Reducing waste

Numerous products arrive and leave our warehouse each day. We use as much recycled packaging as possible, in an attempt to cut down on waste. We also pay great attention to recycling uGreen Businesssed batteries from the AEDs that we sell.  Customers can send them to us free of charge for environmentally friendly disposal.

Involvement with social organizations

Since 2007, we have donated €20 for every AED sold from the AEDwinkel, to children’s cancer charity KiKa.  More information about KiKa can be found on the AEDwinkel sponsor page.

Moreover, we have been closely involved since 2004 in the organization of Rescue Vlissingen, initially as administrator of the website and as a promotional supporter for the event, but since 2006 we have become both one of the organizers and the main sponsor of Rescue Vlissingen.

Locally, we are also involved in supporting organizations.  We are proud sponsors of one of the youth soccer teams, VV Vogelwaarde, since 2008 and are we cooperating in a sponsorship project for the promotion and purchase of AEDs in sports clubs and venues.